some thoughts and some examples and some links to give an idea

if you like what you see or hear, just contact me. creating in sound or web is it.


11.12.1967 in Villingen


Villingen, Manching, Ingolstadt, Istres, Ingolstadt, Villingen, Freiburg, Unterkirnach, Horgen, Garches, Manching, Villingen, Ingolstadt, Regensburg, Lorenzen, Regensburg, Eschenbach und Fürth


Hot Water, As i dare to say, Tao Jam, Purple Maze, Rock Angels, Cleech, Jazzpiraten, Jam Experience, Stoned Age, Stony Bridge, Dead Again, Harald Schmidt and Blind Eggs


always on the search for new stuff

so if you like what you hear or see...

and now

All You Can, Roots T and PFB

something to listen to


in the times of myspace.....


some acoustic stuff on myspace at



some electric sketches at

Tao Jam Pirates


some more acoustic sketches at

Pseudo Hippies


some jam stuff at

the jam experience

just an example

as you can see here

some more

as you can see at

Blind Eggs

still flash, but changes are on the way....

even more

a wordpress variation at


Patrick Ried
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Patrick Ried

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just kidding

Das ganze Leben ist ein Experiment. Je mehr wir experimentieren, desto besser.
Ralph W.Emmerson
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